My work is influenced by the other lives around me, the non-human ones who exist in the same spaces as me, but whose experiences of this space are vastly different than mine. I am especially interested in birds, whose vocal and visual presence is part of my every day. Scientific information, personal observations and experiences inform my imagery. The ability to produce multiple versions of the same image makes printmaking an ideal process to reflect the repetition and changes that occur in nature and in natural processes. My current work is about an extraordinary, yet common occurrence, bird migration, in particular birds that migrate from the United States’ midwest to Central and South America. My goals in this body of work are to express my sense of wonder at this natural phenomenon, to offer incite into the hardships faced by migratory birds, and to depict how neotropical migrants connect seemingly disparate ecosystems. They are incredible not only in their ability to migrate, but also their ability to survive and contribute to their winter habitat, breeding habitat, and places in between. Migratory birds are visual reminders of our connections to places such as the Peruvian Amazon or the Cloud forests of Costa Rica. My prints are bird centric, yet they are also about the human experience of living in a world with birds. Humans have the unique ability to wonder and learn about the lives around us. This ability is both a privilege and a challenge. My prints are informed by both, the privilege of learning and watching avian life and the challenge of knowing the adverse effects of human activity on many bird species.